Such a huge capital investment will obviously have an immediate and very positive short- term effect on employment. The estimate projects that the two-year construction phase will contribute positively to the national economy with an impact corresponding to 1 250 full-time jobs each year. Most jobs will be created within the industrial and construction sectors – both of which have been severely hit by the financial crisis. 

In the long term, the estimate projects that Maabjerg Energy Concept will create at least 1 000 permanent jobs. These calculations have been made by the ADAM model of Statistics Denmark. 

Some of the jobs are “new”, while others are mostly continuing. This is especially true within agriculture, where some jobs will be lost if the concept is not carried out. 

Some jobs will be created in connection with the export of green technology, expertise and “business tourism”. The impact of these sectors is hard to measure, but there is no doubt that it will be significant once Denmark has established the first and largest full-scale facility for 2G bioethanol in Northern Europe. 

The Biogas plant MEC Biogas has already welcomed 5 000 visitors during its first operational year. This includes many international delegations who were very interested in this technology. This is illustrated by the fact that the Trade Association for District Heating in Denmark chose Holstebro as the venue for their annual conference, because they wanted to include a tour of the biogas plant in their conference programme. This event alone gave the local restaurants and hotels the opportunity of providing meals and accommodation for the 100 visitors.