The investments in Maabjerg Energy Concept consist of building a new facility for the production of 2G bioethanol, a rebuilding of the CHP plant and a minor expansion of the raw material storage capacity at the biogas facility, where a facility for upgrading biogas to sustainable gas will also be constructed.

In total, new investments will add up to 2.2 billion DKK (exclusive of VAT and based on 2013 prices). An amount of 1.8 billion DKK of this is demarcated for the ethanol plant.

The MEC plant is expecting a total annual turnover of 1 billion DKK after the ramp-up phase; operational costs are expected to amount to about 750 million DKK annually. The operational profit is expected to be 217 million DKK after the first year.  After the ramp-up period – that is from 2020 onwards – an annual operational profit of 250 million DKK is expected. Possible subsidies from the EU and/or the Danish government have not been included in these forecasts.