Maabjerg Energy Concept is a visionary sustainable energy solution based on local and CO2 neutral raw material, using the latest technology.

The project is combining a variety of energy and supply tasks in a unified system concept which makes the most of the synergy between the individual elements. This is done by making efficient use of the energy flows between the individual plants.

The concept meets several demands: it produces heat and electricity as well as produces biogas and transportation fuel, and it also exploits nutrients for fertilizing purposes.

The total size of the system will be determined by the local heating demand. The goal is to use all surplus heat from the facility to provide heating and hot water for local consumers, thereby avoiding the loss of any energy for cooling during the bioethanol distillation process.

The district heating system functions as a cooler for the steam which is necessary to produce ethanol. The volume of the ethanol production, and the added raw material, is therefore adjusted according to the base load of the district heating system.

The residue from the bioethanol production, which consists of fibre and vinasse, is used for energy purposes. The fibre is used to produce steam (and electricity) at the CHP plant, and the vinasse is used to produce biogas at the biogas facility. 

The biogas that is not used in the process or locally is upgraded to natural gas quality (sustainable natural gas). This gas is distributed through the existing natural gas distribution network. The CO2 produced by the processes in the facilities is converted into pure methane.

The liquid fraction is used for fertilizer at local farms. Nutrients are likewise collected and used by the systems which are utilizing fibre from the biogas plant and lignin from the ethanol production. The utilization of phosphorus is particularly important, as this element has great global significance.