Facts about Maabjerg Energy Center

Useful facts about MEC

  • MEC is a consortium consisting of DONG Energy, Novozymes, Vestforsyning and Struer Forsyning.
  • MEC plans to establish a second-generation bioethanol plant in Måbjerg between Holstebro and Struer, Denmark. Simultaneously, we plan to significantly increase the biogas production at MEC Biogas (formerly "Maabjerg BioEnergy") and rebuild the biomass-fuelled cogeneration plant MEC BioHeat&Power (formerly "Måbjergværket").
  • MEC will be producing 80 million litres of bioethanol and 50 million cubic metres of biogas, the greater part of which will be purified and upgraded to the same quality as natural gas (sustainable natural gas), as well as electricity and district heating corresponding to the energy needs of 25000 households.
  • MEC will process 300 000 tonnes of straw, 800000 tonnes of biomass (for biogas production) and 100000 tonnes of waste.
  • The MEC project will reduce CO2 emission by 172000 tonnes.
  • The project will create 1250 jobs during the two-year construction phase and at least 1000 permanent jobs during the operational phase.

See a more detailed description of the energy concept here.

Ever since 26 August 2011, the consortium behind Maabjerg Energy Concept has been conducting in-depth analyses of the technical, financial and practical details of this ambitious concept.

The most recent business plan can be read in the status report of August 2015.