Career at MEC?

The Maabjerg Energy Center currently employs 30 people at the CHP power plant and 20 at MEC Biogas.

Socio-economic calculations projects that the construction of MEC Bioethanol will create the basis for 1250 jobs per year during the two-year construction phase, primarily in the construcion business and related industries, e.g. building supplies.

When the MEC corporation is fully operationel (hopefully in 2018), additional 50 people will be part of the operational staff at MEC Bioethanol, most of them with an academic background or skilled workers, e.g. blacksmiths og electricians. Furthermore, the bioethanol plant will create jobs for a number of people in the transport sector (300,000 tonnes of straw equals a very, very large number of truck loads) and related businesses like drivers, administrative personel, truck mechanics etc.

However, it is still too early to apply for jobs. The MEC Bioethanol plant is not yet constructed. We will keep you posted and any vacancies will be announced on this website.