MEC Bioheat & Power

The MEC BioHeat & Power is a multi-fueled heat & power plant with two household waste combustion boilers and a straw / wood chips-fueled combustion boiler.

All input is weighed and registered before being offloaded. After mixing in the silo, waste is transported into the combustion boilers to dry, ignite and burn in an automated process.

Straw bales are transported as "big bales" and burned whole. Woodchips are stored in a silo and mixed with other bio-raw materials blown into the boiler.

Heat from the boilers are processed into steam at 412 degrees Celcius (774 degrees Fahrenheit). The steam is heated further using biogas or natural gas to a total of 522 degrees Celcius (922 degrees F) before being let into the power turbine. The subsequent cooling process is used to heat up water for district heating.