MEC Biogas (Maabjerg BioEnergy Drift A/S) owns and runs the production facility, the decentralized storage facilities and the piping system which leads slurry and fertilizer to the plant. It also owns the biogas pipes, the sludge pipes and the heat and electricity lines. A CHP plant also forms part of the production plant.

As of June 2015, Maabjerg BioEnergy has been jointly owned by the Holstebro-Struer company Maabjerg Energy Center A/S.

Board of directors

Nils Ulrik Nielsen (chairman)
Niels Viggo Lynghøj (vice chairman)
Arne Lægaard
Finn Orvad
Kjeld Graversgaard
Aage Juhl Jørgensen
Jørgen L. Tørnæs


Managing director Knud Schousboe


Viggo Mose
Production manager

Hans Søgaard
Logistics manager

Ulla Cilliborg Kristensen
Office and reception

Margit Laumann
Laboratory assistant

René Baltasar Møgelbjerg
Operational staff

Peter Graa
Operational staff

Kim Grydholt Jepsen
Operational staff

Martin Lorenzen

John Lykke Andersen

Please note: The drivers who transport slurry to and from MEC Biogas are employed by the local haulage contractor Ejler Chr. Knudsen A/S.