Odour considerations

Despite the fact that tonnes of slurry and industrial waste will be processed at MEC, the plant is still determined not to let any unpleasant smells reach the neighbouring area. The odour issue thus has top priority, and fighting any possible obnoxious odour is a theme of the EU programme which is subsidizing the project.

A comprehensive odour strategy has been drawn up for the plant.

The slurry will be brought to the plant in tankers. A minor part arrives through a closed pipe system. The unloading of waste and similar processes take place in closed buildings for the unloading of waste.
Smoke produced by the plant will be led through a gas purifying system, as is done today with the smoke from MEC BioHeat&Power.

The liquid fertilizer that is returned to the farmer is watery and does not have a strong odour. The fact that it has a low viscosity means that it is easily absorbed in the soil. Thus it does not remain on the surface, nor does it smell like the untreated slurry tends to.