The plan to create the world’s biggest bioenergy plant originally emerged among a group of interested parties back in 2002.

The agricultural sector, represented by Holstebro-Struer Landboforening (the local farmers’ association) and Holstebro Pelsdyravlerforening (the local association for fur farmers) on one hand; and a group of companies engaged in the energy and waste sector (including (Vestforsyning, DONG Energy and nomi) on the other hand together decided to establish Maabjerg BioEnergy.

In the spring of 2009, Vestforsyning Varme A/S and Struer Forsyning Fjernvarme A/S founded the company Maabjerg BioEnergy Drift A/S to be involved in constructing and running the facility. The construction began in 2010 and was completed in 2012. In 2015 the plant changed its name to "MEC Biogas".


  • create a "wastewater treatment facility" for local farm animal production.
  • reduce the emission of nutrients from local farms into the wildlife
  • replace traditional fuels with biogas in local energy production
  • create a platform for further development of "green energy" production.
  • sell biogas, heat and de-gassed slurry fibre.
  • make good use of existing energy infrastructure and know-how.
  • reduce odor from animal slurry when used as fertilizer
  • improve quality of animal slurry when used as feritilizer
  • create and preserve local jobs
  • contribute to the development of modern, efficient biogas facilities.

Like many other visionary projects MEC Biogas began as sketches hastilly written on a napkin. Foto: Alan Lunde.