MEC Biogas has been built primarily as a non-profit-making heat-supply project. This implies that any possible profit or deficit will be regulated by the price set for heating. 

This means that no one else gets a share of a possible profit, apart from the normal return on investment of the equity capital. It will be possible to raise loans with a municipal guarantee, which involves a lower interest rate. 

All the agreements in the project are based on the "substitution principle" and give a 10 % discount. This means that the companies we are cooperating with generally get a 10% discount on current prices. This also benefits heating consumers.

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Please note that in the annual reports, MEC Biogas appears under its original name of Maabjerg BioEnergy Drift A/S. The financial reports are only available in Danish language. Please contact us if you need help understanding the content.

Investment overview

Bioenergy plant 295 million DKK
Piping, slurry transport, etc. 56  million DKK
Miscellaneous 24  million DKK
Total 375 million DKK

EU-subsidies 25 million DKK
Net investments 350 million DKK

The national economy

In terms of national economy, the biogas plant brings two main benefits: First of all, in terms of energy, fuel costs will be reduced and useful electricity will be produced. Secondly, there is a benefit in terms of agriculture, where the project can help to maintain current production.