About MEC Biogas

MEC Biogas (formerly known as "Maabjerg BioEnergy") is a bioenergy plant of unprecented scale. The plant can handle large quantities of animal slurry, household waste and food industry waste, which trough a complex process is converted to heat, electricity and various nutrients. The latter can be returned to the farming comminty or sold as fertilizer.

Vision and goals

The overall vision for MEC Biogas is to aid the farming community in reducing the regional outlet of nutrients into nature. At the same time the biogas plant shall contribute to the production of environmentally friendly energy based on local supplies.

MEC Biogas reduces CO2 emission by 50,000 tonnes annually, 20,000 tonnes via energy production and through a significantly reduced emission of methane  from contributing farms. Reduced methane emission has a CO2 equivalent of 30,000 tonnes.

Facts about MEC Biogas: 

  • Processes appr. 800,000 tonnes (55% from local farms) of bio mass annually.
  • Outputs about 20-21 million cubic meters of biogas (nM3) per year.
  • Outputs energy equivalent to the heating demand for 5000 homes and power supply for 12,000 homes.
  • Reduces CO2 emission by 50,000 tonnes annually.
  • Reduces outlet of nitrogen and phosporus into natural water sources, both by appr. 300 tonnes per year.
  • Saves 300 jobs in the farming community and food industry.
  • Socio-economic benefit estimated at DKK 1 billion (EUR 134.2 million)
  • Total investment is DKK 400 million (EUR 53.7 million).

Numbers updated on 11th August 2015.

Læs vores profilmagasin

I forbindelse med den officielle indvielse 18. juni 2012 udgav Maabjerg BioEnergy i samarbejde med Midtjyske Medier et profilmagasin. Det blev husstandsomdelt i Holstebro og Struer.