About MEC Bioethanol

MEC Bioethanol is the "third leg" that the Maabjerg Energy Center rests upon. The three units are: Bioethanol, Biogas and BioHeat & Power (CHP). Unlike the two other units, MEC Bioethanol has not yet been constructed.

The MEC Bioethanol construction site has been chosen. All environmental studies have completed (prerequisite for construction permit), and we know that the cost will be 1.8 billion DKK to construct a plant for production of 2G bioethanol based on straw. The technology will be based upon experience from the DONG Energy Inbicon facility in Kalundborg, Denmark. The Inbicon facility has been used to develop and test special high-performance enzymes by Novozymes.

In the summer of 2014 the MEC group was granted EUR 39 million in EU funding, but the project is till very much depending on the Danish political framework for biofuel production to be adjusted. The primary obstacle is a need for a Danish 2G biofuel blending mandate in order to ensure a profitable production. The Danish government has announced that a "fast-track task-force" will review the MEC case in January 2016.

To receive the full EUR 39 million EU-funding, MEC must begin production in 2018. Construction of the bioethanol plant is estimated to be about two years.